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Retiring in Mexico

Ready to retire in Mexico? With so many ideal Mexico retirement communities, it’s time to swap out the work boots, don the flip flops and head for a magnificent Riviera retirement!

More and more retires are seeking out the beautiful Caribbean coast of Mexico, where gorgeous weather means a healthy, active lifestyle. Add in lower costs of living and affordable healthcare and you have the perfect retirement choice.

With Cancun’s International Airport nearby, a Riviera retirement is a quick 2-4 hour plane ride from the States. Though you may not be traveling as much as you think because your friends and family will be coming to visit you!

The Costs

To retire in Mexico is more than just affordable:

  • Housing- a 2-bedroom rental $1000
  • Utilities (including electric gas, water, cable TV and internet) - $150
  • Household help- maid and gardener services $235
  • Groceries - $350
  • Dinners out/ entertainment- $250
  • Healthcare - $140
  • Incidentals - $150

That’s just $2275 per month, a mere $27,300 per year, to retire to the sun-drenched shore. Of course, if an exclusive beachside community with sophisticated amenities is more your style, you can spend as much and live as large as you’d like.

   Saving Even More

To retire in Mexico can be even more affordable when you enroll in Mexico’s Personas Adultas Mayores benefits program. Anyone 60 years-old or older holding a Mexican resident visa can receive discounts of 10-50% off a variety of services: healthcare, cultural activities, transportation and hotels.

        Ideal Retirement Communities in Mexico

Perfect Playa del Carmen

Thousands of retirees are making Playa del Carmen home for the quality, affordable health care, ease of establishing residence and quick drive from Cancun International Airport. A temporary resident permit requires a monthly income of around $2,000. Many, however, live more inexpensively with a tourist visa, which is valid for 6 months at a time and renewable indefinitely by simply leaving and returning to the country.

Tantalizing Tulum

Just 90 minutes from the Cancun’s International Airport, Tulum is a top pick for retirees, with Real Estate opportunities exploding along the coast. A low cost of living with plenty of modern amenities; a casual, bohemian lifestyle; and the sophisticated, yet affordable health care make it a sought-after Riviera retirement paradise. Many retirees are investing here, confident their homes will increase in value over the coming years.

Pristine Puerto Aventuras

A relatively new and gated marina community in the heart of beautiful Riviera Maya, Puerto Aventuras is close to Tulum and Playa del Carmen. It’s a modern community filled with charming shops, quaint places to eat, a museum, a beautifully maintained 9-hole golf course and a dolphin enclosure complete with manatees, sea lions and seals.

Charming Akumal and Puerto Morelos

Others are choosing the small, authentic communities of Akumal and Puerto Morelos. A quick 30 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, Akumal is a small fishing village best known for its abundant marine life and white sandy beaches.

Just 20 minutes from Cancun, Puerto Morelos is another quaint fishing villages complete with a town square, stores and restaurants and a quiet, authentic way of life. Real Estate here ranges from modest homes in the mid $100’s to oceanfront homes priced in the millions.


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